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Name: Gayaneh
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Piano
Location: Virtual Lessons

Gayaneh began training in classical piano at age 6 at the International School of Music (now known as the Armenian Folk Cultural Center & ISM) in Glendale, California. She currently continues her studies of piano and piano pedagogy, always striving to become a better pianist and teacher. She understands that every student has different goals in learning piano. Gayaneh works with each student to build a strong foundation in his/her technique and knowledge, as well as expand his/her overall musical education. She always keeps each student’s goals in mind and plan the lessons in the direction of achieving those goals. She believes the development of musicianship is a lifelong commitment and one of the most rewarding paths to follow. She encourages students to always have music in their lives, whether it is a hobby or something they want to study more deeply.

Gayaneh is accepting virtual students.

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