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Name: Hasan
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Cello
Location: SE Portland (62nd and Foster)

My name is Hasan. I started playing the Cello at the age of 10, taking lessons from a local instructor. In my youth I played in middle school and high school orchestra along with the Metropolitan youth symphony and the Portland youth philharmonic. After graduation high school I studied Cello at Portland State University under Hamilton Cheifetz. I received my BM in Cello performance in 2017. I am currently a Cellist for the Portland Choir and Orchestra along with being a sub Cellist for the Portland Columbia Symphony and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Performing and teaching music has always been a passion of mine and while I primarily teach classical (with a specialty in Baroque Cello/historical performance) I can also teach popular tunes. When teaching a student I always try to tailor the lesson plan to the students needs whether that be solo repertoire, orchestra excerpts, chamber music or etudes and exercises. I also teach all levels of skill and all ages, as it is never too late to learn the joys of music.

Hasan is accepting new students.

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