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Name: Jackie T.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Viola, Violin
Location: Inner NE (84 and I-5)

Jackie has played viola for 10 years straight, and boy are her arms tired! Formally trained in orchestral & solo viola, she gained a well-rounded understanding of music theory. She has competed at national music festivals, and in 2013 performed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

She picked up the ukulele when her uncle, a pastor in Maui, introduced her to traditional Hawaiian styles 5 years ago – finally dropping her poppy reggae songs & discovering the true abilities of the instrument.

Craving more possibilities than her ukulele could offer she picked up the guitar & has been playing ever since. Well versed in a variety of different genres, Jackie shines with music that lends itself to intricate finger picking  – such as folk & classic rock. But her true love lies in the classic guitar, where the ease of ukulele strumming meets with the guitar’s versatility. Jackie teaches piano, guitar, violin, viola and ukulele.


Jackie is currently accepting new students.

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