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Name: Justin
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar
Location: NE Portland (Sandy and Fremont)

Justin got started in music like many people get started, by singing along and imitating the voices on the stereo. He started playing guitar by taking lessons from his father, and learned over time to appreciate and respect everyone’s musical abilities. Justin’s unique approach to teaching keeps lessons engaging and fun for students, where progression in skill building and technique is audible.

Justin has performed in Acapella choral groups and presented his original and cover songs at open mics. In addition to music, Justin coaches and trains in Brazilian jiu jitsu, where he holds a purple belt. Musically, Justin gravitates toward rock and roll with strong bass grooves, and obvious melodies. Learning and playing music should be fun! Justin teaches acoustic and electric guitar to kids and adults of all ages.

Justin works to create a learning environment where progression is closely monitored and easily detectable. His curriculum is based on measurable milestones, to where kids and parents (and everyone else) can tell where their strengths are and develop them to a greater capacity. New techniques are always introduced in a relaxed, non stressful environment where the clear goal is to improve, rather than to perform. Justin utilizes a unique approach to teaching that will amaze you. His method brings out the natural gifts of the students (highly important for maintaining motivation), while gently drawing attention to those areas that need improvement. He uses rewards to keep the student engaged, and tracks student progress so lessons are always progressing. Students who use Justin’s method will be enabled to explore the music they most enjoy and spontaneously create music when inspiration strikes.

Justin is currently accepting new students.

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