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Name: Katie P.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Accordion, Bass, Piano, Trombone, Trumpet, Ukulele
Location: SE Portland (Powell and 82nd)

At age four, I began learning music in a children’s program, Kindermusik, then, piano lessons at six, trumpet at nine, and the upright bass at 14. After a jam session with my Dad, (we played “Jingle Bells” with real musicians! I was 10), and my first professional gig at age 14, I knew that I wanted to perform, and play music for the rest of my life.

I continued learning other instruments throughout my adulthood whilst touring the US, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, and China. I played (and traveled) with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, several independent jazz/rock bands, and most recently, March Fourth! from Portland.

My college education includes a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies at University of Oregon, and a Master of Science in Teaching Music from Portland State University. During these years, I studied with many teachers, traveled to New York to listen, and learn as much as I could. A music sabbatical, I called it.

I began teaching private lessons during my time at U of O, and after graduation, continued to expand my studio in Portland. At that time, I began working with beginning through advanced band students with the MUSE band program, and, as part of my Graduate Teaching Assistantship at PSU, I taught prospective music instructors, undergraduates, and lead some jazz workshops. I’ve been fortunate to have students aged five to 65!

Today, I perform with a variety of different ensembles around the Portland area, as well as touring the US. I currently do work with the Joy Now Arts Project, a day camp for students 13-18, who perform at the Waterfront Blues Fest, Crystal Ballroom, and many other venues of note.

My goal is to introduce students to learning fundamentals to manage the technique needed for playing songs they enjoy, classic literature, and to try different genres of music. I love to see the excitement, and enjoyment of “watching the lights go on” when a student learns something new! My intention is to nurture the excitement, and pleasure of performing, playing with other musicians, or simply listening with a deeper understanding of how music is created.

It’s simply never too late to try your hand at playing an instrument, so let’s get started today!

Katie teaches piano, accordion, trumpet, ukulele, and bass.

Katie is currently accepting new students.

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