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Name: Laima
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Accordion, Piano, Voice
Location: West Vancouver

I first studied music at the Juozas Gruodis Conservatory of Music in Kaunas, Lithuania  at age 16.  During my 4 years at the Conservatory I took classes in Choir Conducting,  piano theory and practice, Harmony, Solfeggio, and Music History.  I then enrolled at The Lithuanian National Music Academy and studied music pedagogy (teaching) for 4 years.  I then  entered The Academy of Lithuania (as distinct from the National Music Academy) for 2 years, where I studied for and received a Masters Degree in Education.
I started teaching Music Appreciation and taught the choir at Garliava Secondary School (Grades 5-12)  in 1995 after completing my Conservatory training.  I taught there for 4 years, until in 1999 I moved to a different Secondary School in Garliava.  I typically taught classes of 25 to 30 students from each grade, in 6   45-minute classes per day.  I worked at this school for one year only as a substitute for a teacher out on maternity leave.  When she returned, I moved on the Ilgiekiemio Primary and Middle School.   At the same time, I taught at the Kaunas Primary School with low-income students
In 2001 I decided to move to the United  States to broaden my horizons and see the world.  I accepted a position as a live-in au pair (nanny) with a host family in Oakland, California.  I lived with them for 2 years, met my husband, and married in 2003.  I then started teaching music at several schools (see resume), eventually settling into The Golden Key Piano School in Berkeley, Ca..
Laima is currently accepting new students.
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