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Name: Lance
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Drumset, Guitar, Ukulele
Location: North Portland (Portsmouth and Lombard)

I grew up in Seattle, Washington where I had an interest in music and creative pursuits from a very early age. I like to say that my first instrument was a one-string banjo. It was actually a four-string banjo with only one string left, which my uncle had abandoned at our house. I used to start bands in my garage with my friends, even in elementary school.
My first band that would be considered a “real band” by most people was the grunge band, “Violet Grey,” for which I was the drummer and lyric writer. That was in high school and for a while afterward. When that band broke up I played harmonica and sang in a folk group called, “the Highway Men.” We didn’t realize that the name had already been used.
In college, as in middle school and high school, I took every opportunity to play guitar or drums, be it concert band, symphonic band, jazz band, pep band, or string ensemble. On the side I played in many bands with crazy names such as “Apostolic Tacklebox,” “the Psychedelic Slinkeys,” and “Agile Grapefruit.”
This is also when I first started teaching lessons, as a way to help pay for college, and I have been teaching lessons ever since. After college I led praise and worship bands at many different local churches and fronted the band, “the Quick,” continuing to teach lessons, as well as expanding the number of instruments I could play to include piano, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, and harmonica.
My wife and I met in college and have done many musical projects together, her being an excellent singer. Currently the two of us perform under the name “Dandelion Root,” and I sometimes perform on my own, as well. We have six kids (the making of our own band) and live in North Portland.
I also have my own small, music business called JungleTurtle Music that focuses on children’s music and interactive performances. Other than music I like to write poetry and short stories, paint, draw, camp, hike, and bike. I believe that above all music should be fun and should be an outlet for creative expression, and that’s what I try and convey through all my musical endeavors.

Lance is currently accepting new students.

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