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Name: Laura B.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Piano
Location: NW Portland (26 and 217)

Hi I’m Laura! My love of music began at age 5, when I took to playing on a basic electronic keyboard at home. Through years of listening, playing, and working with the multi-media program Jump! Music, I developed a strong ear for music. I began taking private clarinet and saxophone lessons upon joining band in public schools, translating the ability to read sheet music to the keys. As a young adult, I was sight-reading as well as playing by ear proficiently, and began accompanying bands and choirs in my high school, as well as my local community college. At 18, I left my hometown to join the music program of Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. During my college education, I had the opportunity to perform with various ensembles, including the WWU Symphonic Band, WWU Jazz Orchestra and various small Jazz Combos throughout the years. I completed lengthy courses in keyboard preparation, sight-reading, and aural skills. 

In Spring of 2013, I finished my BA in Music and relocated to the Portland area to pursue teaching. I love helping kids and adults find joy in music!