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Name: Lee B.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Clarinet, Piano, Saxophone
Location: Milwaukie (224 and 99)

Lee is a Saxophonist, Composer and Teacher based in Portland Oregon. Lee began his musical journey with piano lessons at age 9, and transitioned to saxophone at age 11. Lee has been playing saxophone for 12 years. Lee‘s love for saxophone encompasses both classical and jazz, and he had the opportunity in high school to compete at the state solo competition 3 times. Lee began teaching students at his high school, and continued his passion for teaching into college. Lee holds a bachelors in music from University of Oregon, where he studied with Idit Shner and Steve Owen. While at college Lee became a member of the Oregon Jazz Ensemble, and through this ensemble was able to perform with such great artists as Clay Jenkins, Marshall Gilkes, Julian Lage, Jaleel Shaw, Jay Thomas, Ben Wendel and Walter Smith III. While studying at University of Oregon Lee discovered a joy for writing and arranging music, and wrote pieces for the Oregon Jazz Ensemble as well as his own septets, quintets and quartets. In addition to saxophone, Lee also teaches piano and clarinet.

Lee is currently not accepting new students.

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