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Name: Lindsay
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar, Piano
Location: NE Portland (60th and Killingsworth)

I have been a musician for as long as I can remember, through performing, writing and studying piano, violin, and voice, as well as through my education at UC Santa Cruz and Berklee College of Music, where I got my BA. I also write, record, and perform my own music which I have shared throughout the US. I have a love of classical, folk, appalachian, and instrumental music but appreciate anything that comes from the heart. My love for the creative process has led me to offer songwriting and other workshops to teens and adults throughout the year. I have a strong foundation in classical music, and have also studied jazz and blues with some incredible teachers. With songwriting as my true passion, all of the skills I’ve developed came to me initially through learning to play piano. I draw from the Suzuki Method, which suggests that everybody has the innate ability to acquire musical language, as they naturally learn to speak in their native language – through listening, practice and immersion. I also draw from my many years as an early education instructor and training in Reggio-Emilia, which is child-led and experiential. I am also newly interested in ORFF methodology and composition as a way of accessing music. I enjoy teaching motivated students of all ages who are beginners, more experienced, or returning to music after some time away.

Lindsay is accepting new students of all ages.

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