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Name: MaryAnn
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Drumset, Euphonium, Percussion, Piano
Location: Tigard (I-5 and I-205)

Music is a wonderful tool to reach, train and develop long lasting positive characteristics in our selves and others. What a great opportunity to help others gain life shaping experiences through their own musical journey. I have fond memories of those who helped me along the way to develop my love for music and the instruments I currently play.

Teaching is a rewarding experience I value and have enjoyed for many years. We share a part of ourselves when we teach others. Whether I am teaching music, math or English I enjoy helping others succeed and reach their goals.

Currently, I am providing lessons for piano, drum set, multi percussion and euphonium. I also teach at a private school: music theory, percussion ensembles and regular academic subjects.

My performing experiences include church choir, worship service, local Orchestras, and jamming at home with others. I started taking lessons in the sixth grade, first piano then drums. I’ve marched in a drum & bugle corps for seven years traveling the United States and Canada. In High school, I played in concert band, orchestra, marching band and a percussion ensemble. College provided an enriching experience with percussion ensembles, Charleston Symphony Orchestra, Spoleto Festival, a gig with the Tonight Show band and the Charleston Navy Band.

I love it all and purpose to provide a balanced program of method book, theory, sight reading. I help prepare students for auditions, their own performing experiences, and best of all, adding lots of FUN to the mix.

MaryAnn is currently taking new students.

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