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Name: Matt B.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar, Piano, Voice
Location: SW Portland (SW Millikan Way and SW Murray Blvd.)

Matt B. is a highly experienced local musician who has been performing for 18 years in various musical settings, including choirs, a cappella groups, bands, duos, and as a solo artist. Growing up in a musical family, Matt was exposed to a wide range of genres and drew inspiration from bands like The Beatles, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, and The Beach Boys. During his time at Cleveland High School (2003-2007), Matt joined the choir and taught himself how to play the guitar and piano. He actively participated in concerts and musicals throughout his high school years. In his senior year, Matt became a member of the all-male a cappella group named Cloud 9 and performed in the Rose Parade for two consecutive years.

In his early twenties, Matt co-founded another male a cappella group called The Portland Timbre, with whom he sang for five years (2011-2016). The group had the opportunity to perform at various venues and events in Portland, including singing the national anthem for the Portland Trail Blazers, winning the Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition, making appearances on KGW, and even serving as backup singers for Barry Manilow at the Moda Center. Later on, Matt started an all-male R&B a cappella group called Stumptown Fellas(2014-2018), where he directed and arranged music. He then formed a coed group named Portland Rose Tones(2016-2023), both of which performed at different venues, competitions, and on KGW.

As his musical journey progressed, Matt began performing as a solo artist at various bars and venues in Portland. Currently, he is part of a duo with his partner Sophia Lamothe and also dedicates his time to arranging music for different a cappella groups.

Throughout his singing career, Matt has received voice lessons from various coaches specializing in classical, R&B, pop, and speech level singing. This diverse vocal training has provided him with a well-rounded understanding of different singing techniques, from the technical aspects of how vocal cords function to the artistic and stylistic elements.

When it comes to teaching music, Matt’s approach is centered around creating a fun and encouraging environment for his students. He inspires them to explore different ways of creating music and expressing themselves while also providing a solid foundation for their musical development. His ultimate goal is to share the joy of creating music and the freedom of expression it brings.

Matt teaches piano, guitar, and voice. He is currently accepting new students.

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