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Name: Max
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Banjo, Guitar, Piano, Recording/Production
Location: SW Portland (Raleigh Hills)

Max graduated with a B.A. in Music from Lewis & Clark College in 2018, where he spent his time honing his skills in guitar and piano performance, writing about the anthropology of music, and performing in a variety of ensembles. Beyond academic studies, he has worked extensively as a music educator at institutions such as the Oregon Music Academy, Lewis & Clark College, and as a private instructor, and has played at major commercial and non-commercial venues across the country. He works with students of all ages and of many stylistic orientations as an instructor in guitar (namely, classical and rock), piano, banjo, synthesizer, music theory/composition, and music production.


For Max, the one-on-one context of private music lessons is valuable because it allows the teacher not only to adjust to each student’s unique learning modality, but also because it gives the teacher a chance to become passionate about the material that the student is passionate about. This may mean learning the classical or pop repertoire of the student’s choice, practicing sight-reading, and following method books on a given instrument. Alternatively, it may mean focusing on learning to play without reading music, learning how to improvise, exploring the basics (or intricacies) of recording software alongside instrument instruction, or even learning two instruments at once! During his free time, Max likes to read, travel, and learn languages. Max teaches songwriting, music theory, music production, piano, guitar, and banjo.


Max is currently accepting new students.
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