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Name: Nathan
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Drumset, Piano, Saxophone
Location: Vancouver

Nathan has been pursuing and playing music since the age of four. Now 22, he’s a fresh face in the Portland scene ready to do something serious!

Having played piano his whole life, and drums since middle school, he’s a very well versed musician with mountains of experience in all kinds of genres. He was first chair in most of his ensembles, whether playing saxophone, bassoon, or concert percussion. Nathan also started a Latin Percussion Club at his high school, teaching students how latin music has influenced modern western music culture, and showing students how to play rhythms from select music styles. Once in college, he began focusing on drum set, participating in many jazz combo groups and performing with many other colleagues from the WWU Jazz program. Since then, Nathan has been finishing his degree and working with musicians in the Portland area.

Nathan is an eager learner, making him a practical teacher for all kinds of individuals. He has experience giving music lessons in the past, but most of his teaching experience is outside of music in the form of sport/recreation instruction and academic tutoring. 

Lastly, Nathan is a musician of passion. Passion is what drew him to music, and passion is what he strives to pass on to others. With music teaching, passion for music will always be the center piece of the students learning. This means that Nathan will want to structure lessons based on the students interests and inspirations, because those are the things help students gain the most from music. 

Nathan is currently not accepting new students.

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