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Name: Nicholas T.
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar
Location: NE Portland (33rd and Broadway - additional studio location near PCC Sylvania)

Nicholas Thompson began playing guitar at age twelve and his first electric guitar was a sunburst US Standard Fender Stratocaster. He formed a band with his friends in England and began performing live. Since moving to the USA in 2004 to attend Musicians Institute, Hollywood Nicholas has performed and recorded as lead, rhythm and acoustic guitarist for a number of bands and solo artists in Los Angeles, London, Edinburgh and New York City. His biggest show to date was in front of 3,000 in Terminal 5, Manhattan, New York.

Recognized for his electrifying guitar playing and stage presence, Nicholas has a great deal of experience in the music industry. Nicholas recognizes the potential in each one of students. With his personalized approach he sees his student’s skill-set and self-esteem consistently rise. Nicholas is friendly, patient, adaptable and eager to help his students reach their musical goals.

Nicholas teaches using an awesome curriculum where his students of electric guitar, acoustic guitar and ukulele will not only improve their playing ability, but expand their technical proficiency and gain a solid grasp of music theory – all whilst learning some of the most iconic tracks from the world of popular music. Nicholas’s students will learn from a selection of 174 tracks from 100 artists. If beginning you will start at Premiere Grade where you will learn the basics. Next is Debut Grade followed by Grades 1 through 8.

You will cover rock and pop’s musical heritage in all its forms including blues, rock, pop, soul, funk, R&B, jazz fusion, reggae, punk rock, alternative rock, metal and hip hop. You will complete each grade with a pro recording of your chosen song.

Nicholas teaches acoustic and electric guitar.

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