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Name: Sam
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Bass, Guitar, Ukulele
Location: East Vancouver/Camas/Washougal

I began teaching myself guitar back in early 2010. By the next year I got involved in my school’s jazz band which I performed in for two years until I began playing in local bands. In December of 2013 I began recording and touring with my main project and we have played over 100 shows between 2015 and 2017.

I’ve been playing bass for the last four years and picked up ukulele in the summer of 2015. Music is my passion, I play roughly six to eight hours a day and I greatly enjoy teaching others how to play. I think learning an instrument is one of the most beneficial decisions a young person could make. It not only gives you an outlet to create and express yourself; but it can also open doors to new opportunities, friendships, and a sense of personal accomplishment. I teach guitar, bass, and ukulele to kids and adults of all ages.

Sam is currently not accepting new students.

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