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Name: Taylor
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Piano, Voice
Location: NE 148th and Fremont

Taylor began playing piano around age 3, and her love for music has grown ever since. She has enjoyed teaching music lessons since she began as a sophomore in high school. Taylor went on to earn a BA in music with an emphasis on piano performance from MU, receiving the Multnomah Music Award for her class. She has had the opportunity to play classical, jazz, choral, church, and pop music as a soloist, accompanist, and as a part of various groups. Along with piano, she also enjoys singing, playing guitar, bass, ukelele, and percussion instruments.

Helping students turn their potential into growth is one of Taylor’s great joys. She personalizes her lessons to meet the goals and learning styles of each individual student. She takes a patient and encouraging approach, integrating theory alongside classical and contemporary music.
In addition to music, Taylor loves exploring nature, serving as a caregiver, playing basketball, and learning new concepts. Taylor teaches piano and voice.


Taylor is currently accepting new students.
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