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Name: Tony
Music Instrument(s) Taught: Drumset, Guitar, Recording/Production, Trumpet
Location: Damascus/Boring/Gresham

Tony began studying music since the age of 8 and has been continually furthering his education every step of the way. He studied music and sound recording at the University of New Haven, in Connecticut, and acquired a Bachelor’s of Arts degree. He then went on to assist in studios in NYC and had the chance to work with some classic artists and talented composers.

He played the trumpet all throughout high school, and picked up the guitar when it was passed down to him from his mother. This is when he discovered his true love for rock and roll and the blues! His family was always supportive of his love for music and they eventually even adopted a drum set from his uncle! Tony’s love for drums bloomed and he likes to play everything from rock, to funk, to hip-hop and metal.

Tony is great with beginning instrumentalists and his strong recording background can bring a whole different level of lesson to the table. He can teach you how to get your recording gear up and running, and teach you about recording software and hardware so you can record yourself or your band. He can show you how to mix songs or even record you during a lesson so that you can listen back to yourself and make the necessary changes to become a better player.

Tony will provide you with the training you need to be able to run your recording setup. He can also provide you with formal training on your instrument but will also teach you how to play songs and jam out. He is currently accepting new students.

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