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Things that make a great music teacher – Part 1

This is the first part in a series of blogs attempting to answer the question: “what makes a great music teacher?” Today we are looking at a foundational and important trait which ought to be present in the person you choose to be your music teacher.

#1. Likeable.

This may seem either obvious or unimportant depending on your conception of what makes a good music teacher, or your past experience with music lessons. There are a couple of reasons why it is important to find a teacher that you like as a person. The first is I think the most foundational – music is about joy. Someone who does not display that joy in a tangible, noticeable way is probably not really “in tune” with the music (so to speak). An unlikable teacher probably hasn’t been deeply touched by music themselves, and therefore will have difficulty really communicating any depth of knowledge or ability in music lessons which surpasses a superficial, cursory take on the finer points of reading sheet music. Music lessons in this sad instance are not the beautiful mix between art and science that they are supposed to be, but become only a hard, unfeeling attempt to “do something right” (music) when you have lost the reason and motivation for doing so (the beauty of music).

The second reason is because a likeable music teacher will make lessons easier and more productive for you or your child. If you look forward to music lessons instead of dreading them, then you will subsequently apply yourself to those lessons, and progress faster. Your teacher must be likeable!

To find a Likeable music teacher for any instrument, check out the teacher pages on our site. Not sure who would be a good fit? Give us a call and we’ll help arrange a free lesson for you. If you are not happy with your teacher, then we’ll give you free lessons with other teachers until we find one that you like. We are committed to helping you find a great teacher for yourself or your kids. Call to sign up for lessons today!

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