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The Making of a Grand Piano

You may enjoy playing or listening to the piano, but did you ever think about the making of a grand piano? The piano is a hybrid between a string and percussion instrument. The sounds are made with strings, but the strings only…

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Piano Lessons in Portland

At the Musicality Network, we are proud of the piano lessons we offer through our awesome piano teachers. We have lots of piano teachers all over the Portland metro area who offer piano lessons – either in-home or studio lessons….

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Get excited about piano lessons, Portland! :)

I want to help you realize the dream of piano lessons, Portland! 🙂 You’ve always dreamed of learning to play the piano – of finally buckling down and taking private piano lessons with an honest to goodness TEACHER! But you’ve…

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Why choosing the right piano teacher or guitar teacher matters!

So you want piano lessons or guitar lessons for your son or daughter – you live in Portland and go online to see what there is to offer. What are you going to come across? 1. National musician classified ad…

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