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Things that make a great music teacher – Part 2

Last blog we said that one of the things that make a great teacher is that they are Likeable. Today we will examine the next important character trait of your next music teacher. The second thing that makes a great music teacher is that they are Proficient.

#2. Proficient.

When I say proficient I don’t mean college degrees in music. There are plenty of people who have degrees in music but are not truly musicians, are not truly able to pass something on to others that they themselves have not yet  truly received. A musician loves what they do. They may not be able to explain every aspect of music to someone else (because there are aspects of mystery in it which cannot be explained), but they have labored to grasp it themselves, and so they can help someone else on that journey. A great music teacher must be proficient in their knowledge of their particular instrument, and must be able to explain it proficiently to another person.

Some curricula can help in this process, and some curricula can become a crutch which hinders efficient, productive education. Music is meant to be played, performed – to be listened to. The heart of music is not found on paper but in the sound waves striking the eardrum. If a teacher is unable to communicate this to their student, but instead turns them into an automaton who “automatically” can play the sheet music put before them, without being able to comprehend it’s beauty or inhabit it’s soul, then that teacher is one you should avoid. Sure, reading sheet music is a great skill to have – but the reason for that is because we have captured on paper today the works of great minds and hearts through the centuries who wrote and performed music for the joy of it – not so that children of future centuries could replay it like machines while feeling nothing.

So, if you are looking for a teacher who can demonstrate proficiency in their instrument and help you grow in your knowledge and love of music, you have come to the right place. We only hire those teachers who show a love for the art and a grasp of the science of music. Contact us to sign up for lessons with a teacher today, your first lesson is completely free, no deposit or credit card required.

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